Should I be an Egg Donor?

April 29, 2019 | by Sammi

Being an egg donor is not a one size fits all gig. It takes a unique woman to open her heart to egg donation and be invested into the process with the right intentions. While the generous compensation tends to be the driven motive, most egg donors are in it for the same goal, to provide childless families with the opportunity of having a baby.If you are considering egg donation and think anyone can just walk in and be one, think again. Here are the Top 10 qualities an individual should hold to be an ideal candidate for egg donation.

1. The desire to give.
If you are interested in egg donation, we hope that your primary goal is to give potential life to a family in need. The reason behind seeking an egg donor is because the female cannot produce viable eggs, or any eggs at all for the matter, as well as many more medical related issues. While it is difficult enough for someone to resort to using a donor and facing the loss of their own genetic DNA to be passed on, these women only hope that the donors are giving out of the kindness of their own heart and not by an external motive.

2. A healthy body.
We hope for donors to care for their overall health and well-being. Being an egg donor requires one to be in good health, and not have any major health issues or concerns.

3. Strong family health history.
Many parents who are seeking a donor will want to see an extensive and detailed background of the donor’s family history. This is important to parents so they can understand what to expect with their potential children. Many couples will want an overall healthy family history with no major illnesses before old age.

4. The time and effort available to donate.
Being an egg donor does take time and effort. You will have to be responsible in tending to all the necessary office visits and ensuring injections are done properly and timely as it is crucial to a successful egg retrieval. It is also important to be very communicative with your case manager, nurses and doctors as they should be aware of any issues or concerns you may run into during the process.

5. Within your fertility “peak”.
If you are between the age of 21-28 years old, then this what we consider peak fertility. Typically, it is the best chance for retrieving a healthy batch of eggs.

6. Can benefit from a generous income.
While you have made the decision to give the biggest gift anyone can ask for, you will of course be compensated for your generous donation. Egg donors can earn anywhere from $7,000-$20,000 per donation!

7. Educated, attend or have attended some form of higher education (above high school).
While this is not necessarily crucial to your ability in donating, most intended parents prefer donors with some form of higher education out of high school.

8. Mentally and Emotionally Stable.
You will need to have a psychological evaluation by a health professional in order to ensure you completely understand the egg donation process. The therapist will ensure you are mentally and emotionally stable, you are making this decision on your own and are not receiving outside pressure to become a donor. All in all, we care about your mental health and want to guarantee you are making an informed decision for the right reasons and to ensure the decision will not affect your overall well-being.

9. Interested in learning more about your Fertility.
An exciting part about becoming an egg donor is you will go through an initial medical evaluation to determine if you are qualified to be an egg donor. Within this evaluation you will get the chance to learn about your own fertility as well as your overall health!

10. Interested in changing people’s world!
If you, or someone you know, meet most of this criterion listed above, then you are the person we are seeking to become a donor. Do not hesitate, apply today and give the gift of life!