Knowing Your Cycle Can Help When Trying To Conceive

April 5, 2018 | by admin

It is highly recommended to become very familiar with your menstrual cycle to improve your chances of conceiving. According to the experts, understanding when you’re most fertile can drastically increase your chances of having a baby. Experts recommend that you should pay more attention to the signs of ovulation in your body. For instance, the changes in your cervical mucus could tell you a thing or two about your current cycle. Normally, the perfect time to try is when it is thin and slippery.

Furthermore, there are also ovulation prediction kits that are available over-the-counter. These kits could help you predict the most ideal time to get pregnant. To start off, the first day of the menstrual period is day one. Studies have proven that it is best to start trying on day nine and keep trying until you finally succeed. Research suggests that women with a 28-day cycle normally ovulate around their 14th day. However, keep in mind that some women have longer or shorter cycles as well. This means that if you’re trying to get pregnant, it is recommended to enlarge your margin for errors just to be sure.