For Egg Donors

Egg donation enables women to get pregnant regardless of the availability or quality of their own eggs.

By choosing to become an egg donor you are helping fulfill the dreams of intended parents. Thus, at Enci you will receive the best possible care and attention from our certified doctors and staff in order to guarantee that the entire process is comfortable, safe and rewarding for you.

Our Board certified physicians will perform all the necessary medical procedures including coordinating your medication to ensure that you are in perfect mental and physical health to become an egg donor. As an egg donor, you will be accompanied by our staff throughout the entire process. We look forward to providing support and assisting you all the way from the ovarian stimulation phase, to the egg retrieval procedure.

At Enci we are committed to providing all the assistance you need to make your egg donation process as relaxing and stress-free as possible. Contact us today to become part of Enci, the world’s largest Asian Egg Bank.

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