Enci is proud to be the

World’s Largest Asian Pacific Egg Bank

Unlike traditional egg banks, which only provide egg sources for families, ENCI also provides the most advanced fertility options for women.


ENCI is not only offering the widest selection of Asian donors available in the market, but also committed to build the most professional egg bank for egg freezing and storage. Our mission is to blend the most advanced assisted reproductive technology with personalized and compassionate care to help women preserve fertility and guardian their family dream.


With You Every Step of the Way

At Enci we value the joy and importance of having a family and are with you every step of the way so that you and your partner can have the baby you have always wanted.

Why Choose ENCI

Whether choosing an Egg Donor from our extensive egg bank or preserving your fertility via egg freezing, we make sure to address all your concerns and deliver the best customer experience.

Why Choose ENCI to Find Your Perfect Egg Donor

We understand how important selecting a donor means to you, and also know the longing in your heart for building your dream family, we are committed to do our best to repay your trust.

Why Choose ENCI for Your Egg Freezing and Preservation

There are several important factors into deciding to pursue egg freezing. The first decision for women who are considering egg freezing is to decide if it is a good option for them right now.

Cutting Edge Medicine

ENCI’s cutting edge laboratory is certified by the American Board of Tissue Banks, the Clinical Laboratory Inspection Agency (CLIA), and the College of American Pathologists (CAP). With advanced vitrification freezing technology and excellent thawing survival rate, ENCI provides a safe, efficient and professional tissue bank for women to freeze their eggs and preserve fertility. ENCI is also the official partner of one of the best IVF clinics in US, Fertility & Surgical Associates of California, world renowned reproductive endocrinologists monitor closely the whole process to achieve the best outcome. Our staff are experienced and enthusiastic, and will assist you in every step to make your egg freezing journey as easier and stress-free as possible.

Donor Screening

As the largest Asian Pacific Egg Bank in the world, ENCI’s rigorous donor screening process includes a through psychological and physical evaluation of every donor, which guarantees that egg donors and intended parents are perfectly matched. We understand that selecting a donor is not only a very personal but also one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Therefore, we make sure to address all your concerns and deliver the best customer experience while you are in the process of identifying and selecting an egg donor.

Meet Our Case Managers

Our case manager and clinical coordinators will screen, educate, interview and prequalify potential donors.  After donor passes screening process our case manager will guide donors through medical screening, psychological screening, legal, and IVF cycle

After Medical Clearance we will assist Intended parents with matching process, We will assist Intended parents throughout the matching process, escrow accounts, legal, and medical process.

Our dedicated and caring team is here to help you every step of the way. From selecting the right donor to monitoring the entire process, we will always be with you.

Cambria Middleton
Case Manager
XJ Qian
Case Manager
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Case Manager
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Case Manager
Amanda Chiang
Senior Executive Officer

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