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Enci ensures that the entire egg donor and embryo donation process is carefully supervised by our doctors and staff, who closely monitor our donors through the 9-12 day stimulation period assuring that donors properly take their stimulation shots and maintain a healthy diet.

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Enci’s board certified physicians will provide medical support to donors throughout the whole fertilization cycle including the 9-12 day stimulation period, as well as through the 10-15 minute anesthesia procedure required for the egg retrieval process.

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Pre-Cycle Screening

All our donors are carefully screened and tested by our team of doctors and nurse to ensure that each donor in our database meets the highest standards of physical and mental health, so that all you need to do is choose the perfect donor and focus on your family.

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After searching through our database, the world’s largest Asian Egg Bank, and selecting the perfect donor for your family, Enci’s Donor Coordinator will contact the selected donor to arrange all the necessary procedures including availably and required paperwork.

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We understand that being an egg donor and planning a family as an intended parent can raise several concerns. Therefore, we at Enci make sure to manage all legal aspects and associated fees of the process so that each party’s legal rights are protected before, during and after the procedure.

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